Strategic Framework

The strategic framework is designed to be a living document seeking input information and resources from representatives of all disciplines that focus on older adults.  The foundation of the framework which you can read in its entirety here includes four key elements that are designed to contribute to a greater level of opportunity for and participation in social engagement activities on the part of older adults. Volunteerism is viewed as a component of each of these four key elements. These key elements will serve to guide the development of innovative engagement approaches and programming; and will guide research and analysis efforts.

  • Awareness - A focus on contributing to a national dialogue that heightens awareness of the issues that can be addressed through social engagement and the promotion of programs which support social engagement

  • Sustainable Partnerships – Building a coalition comprised of a wide range of not-for-profit organizations which agree that increasing and supporting social engagement for older adults is a priority; and will work to provide programs to communities to foster greater levels of social engagement. This includes an emphasis on the development and enhancement of additional partnerships and on expanding access to resources.

  • Impact – Identifying approaches to overcome obstacles to engagement, developing effective practices to increase social engagement and undertaking efforts which can be readily scaled up.

  • Evaluation and Improvement – An effort to fill any gaps in surveillance or research around social engagement; to develop evaluation approaches to measure efforts, demonstrate efficacy of interventions, and identify benefits of programs; to allow for ongoing and continuous improvement and sharing of best practices and programmatic efforts with the understanding that health is the overarching issue.