Our Mission:


Our Mission is to promote and provide opportunities to improve the rates of social engagement in older adults. 


Our Mission

We work to provide information and resources that can be used to promote older adult engagement in communities across the country because remaining socially engaged improves the quality of life for older adults and is associated with better health.

As a partnership of diverse organizations we are collectively committed to developing and promoting engagement opportunities through a wide variety of channels that overcome barriers to participation. We also seek to recognize and empower older adults as valuable contributors to their communities and to the services they help to provide through volunteerism.

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How We Work

We guide our work through a strategic framework that is designed to contribute to a greater level of opportunity for and participation in social engagement activities on the part of older adults. The strategic framework includes four key elements with volunteerism viewed as an essential component of these four key elements.

Elements of the Strategic Framework



A focus on contributing to a national dialogue that heightens awareness of the value of social engagement for older adults

Sustainable Partnerships

We will foster the development of a wide range of partnerships with organizations that will contribute to increasing and supporting social engagement for older adults.


We will seek to identify approaches to overcome obstacles to engagement, develop effective practices to increase social engagement and encourage efforts which can be readily scaled up.

Evaluation and Improvement

We will contribute to efforts to fill any gaps in surveillance or research around social engagement; and to developing evaluation approaches that measure and demonstrate the efficacy of social engagement efforts.



September 2018

On September 28, 2018 we conducted a National Strategy Discussion focused on Older Adults and Social Engagement.  Our keynote speaker, Julianne Holt-Lunstad, PhD, framed the issue and addressed why a national strategy is important to helping to foster broader engagement on the part of older adults. Participants from a variety of organizations contributed their insights on increasing engagement.  If you missed this important event you can view the webinar here.


Get Involved

Social engagement opportunities are many and varied including, civic engagement/volunteerism, creative and cultural participation, intergenerational opportunities, lifelong learning and technology. And we have learned that remaining engaged in activities and community contributes to greater physical, mental and emotional health and well-being in older adults thereby helping to avoid the negative impacts of isolation.


Stay Active

Engaging in abundant physical, mental and social activities are commonly seen as the keys to healthy aging. Learn about programs available through engAGED partners.

Volunteer opportunities

Based on your interests, you will find there are many opportunities through a wide variety of organizations to volunteer in your community.

Join the Effort

Join with the engAGED partnership of diverse organizations help us to increase the incidence and opportunities for older adults to stay engaged within their communities.


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