Coalition Members

engAGED is a partnership of diverse organizations dedicated to increasing the incidence and opportunities for older adults to engaged within their communities. We are collectively committed to developing and promoting engagement opportunities through a wide variety of channels including through volunteerism and programmatic efforts that overcome barriers to participation. We also seek to recognize and empower older adults as valuable contributors to their communities and to the services they help to provide through volunteerism.

We do this through communications, local action and research. We serve as a network for sharing resources and strengthening collaboration. We frame messages that are shared across the partners and their networks. We serve as a national voice that articulates the multiple benefits of social engagement and pushes for more resources.

Here are specific actions you can take to support our effort.

  • Share best practices you use to increase social engagement

  • Promote the engAGED Resource Center on your website and through your communications such as newsletters, blogs, social media, local newspaper articles and columns, etc.

  • Develop and implement programming that will increase engagement of older adults in your community.

  • Further the national dialogue on the impact of social isolation and the benefits of social engagement

  • Advocate for resources and local support for engagement opportunities

If you and your organization would like to join in the collaborative contact us at

Benefits to joining

  • We will add your organizations’ logo and information to our website.

  • We will promote resources you have developed on our website

  • We will recognize and promote any successes you share with us